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Marking Lines

Staking property lines is an important project that every land owner should undergo. It does not only protect the value of the property, but it also maximizes the utilization of the land owned. Marking the property lines is a service provided by a Stothard Land Surveying that involves the placement of survey markers at property corners with additional markers along the property lines (set at predefined intervals). This process creates a visible line that defines the limits of your property. Typically, a surveyor will utilize wooden stakes or iron pins/rebar to mark the property lines. Because this is a tangible survey with visual results, no survey map or plans are provided with property line staking. Stothard Land Surveying provides property line staking services that use the latest equipment and tools to guarantee accurate and reliable installation.

Why should you get your lines marked? It is useful in settling disputes with neighboring lot owners. This service is also useful when planning to install fences and other structures. It can prevent any unwanted intrusions or encroachments from neighboring lots. Staking property lines is implemented to comply with building permit requirements. It is also used to avoid any legal issues that may arise from intruding on neighboring property.

Marking Property Corners

If you need clarification of your property boundaries but do not necessarily want or need to go to the expense of a full boundary survey or property line staking, Stothard Land Surveying can come and mark property corners only. This option may be chosen if the property owner only needs to find the corner pins on his/her lot. Marking property corners is often all you need in order to prevent intrusion or encroachment on your neighbor’s property, or to settle any present or futures disputes.

When do you need your property corners marked? If your lot is small enough that property lines can be visualized only by seeing the corner pins (larger plots of land require more detail) If your lot is delineated by straight-line boundaries identifiable by the corners alone If you need more clarification of property lines between you and your neighbors for a non-volatile dispute