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As-built surveys are prepared most often at the end of construction to satisfy municipal or lender requirements. They help to determine that all improvements on a site were constructed in compliance with the specifications as outlined by the engineer during the design process. An as-built survey is often necessary to obtain a certificate of occupancy from a city or county. This survey usually reflects all building, curb, parking lot features, utilities, sanitary sewer, storm drainage facilities, and other structures as needed.


Unlike other types of surveys which primarily detail the land itself (often before improvements are made), as-built surveys provide a field documentation of construction and improvements to one or more structures on the land. For this reason, you’re most likely to need one during or after a construction project for any of the following reasons:

  • To verify to zoning authorities that the improvements are in compliance with local codes
  • To obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (CO), verifying that the structure is deemed habitable
  • To ensure that the builders and contractors performed the work according to plans
  • For larger construction projects, to provide a series of “snapshots” of the progress of construction, to ensure everything is on schedule, or to make adjustments to the schedule
  • To verify to a lender that the improvements being funded are being made accordingly
  • Before planning new constructions projects to help identify the location of existing utilities, structures and streets
  • Any other time you require field verification of the current state of your structure

ALTA ALTA/ NSPS Land Title Survey (ALTA Survey)

ALTA surveys are detailed surveys normally used by lending institutions, title companies and property owners. ALTA surveys are often a requirement of lenders to help identify encroachments, encumbrances, easements or claims of easements not shown by the public records, or other potential liabilities that may affect a property. ALTA surveys are based on the ALTA / NSPS minimum requirements (jointly established by the American Land Title Association and the National Society of Professional Surveyors) and any additional features requested by the client. Because ALTA Surveys are performed to nationally published standards they are very useful in inter-state transactions. For commercial real estate, title companies typically require an ALTA Survey before they will commit to issue title insurance.